Dr Liza Macdonald FRCR MA

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Dealing With Your Doctor

  Getting The Best out of Your Doctor

How to get the most out of a consultation with
     your doctor

       What do you want from this conversation? List of 10 targets.

The Examination

       The importance of a physical examination, what it should comprise and general
       advice about what the doctor is looking for.

How should the consultation end satisfactorily?

       What happens next. How to ensure that arrangements and referrals go to plan.

What does a good well-informed doctor seek
     to provide in a consultation?

       The doctor's intention mirrors yours and they are often expert at speedily
       assessing a medical problem.

How to get your results

       Will you get the result by phone/letter/email? Or will you need to see the
       doctor again?

Practical advice about your consultation

       Timing, registration, lists, dress, taking notes etc.

What to look for in the setting

       Private, quiet, well lit, position of chairs and computer etc.

What to do if a consultation seems to be
     going wrong

       Some pointers to how you can get your consultation back on track!

What to do next if not satisfied with the consultation

       Write to the doctor, rebook same doctor, ask for another appointment with a
       colleague etc

Things which can hamper you in a consultation

       Unfamiliar language, feeling intimidated or embarrassed etc.

Things which can hamper the doctor in a

       Being in a hurry, being tired, problems with other patients, problems at home etc

How to get a good second opinion

       Information needed, how to find out who is good in the field etc

The Doctor's working day: Your GP

       Understand what the doctor in the GP surgery is doing the rest of the time and
       how to choose your best moment to talk to him/her.

The Hospital Consultant day

       How does your consultant organise a hospital practice?


       New developments in doctor patient communication. How to make good use
       of online medical information.

How to help your children at the doctors

       How to prepare your children: babies, toddlers and school-age children, and
       teenagers and young adults.

Finding or Changing Your GP

       How to find a GP or change your GP if you are really not satisfied.

How to use Private Healthcare

       Selective use of private care.

Consultation through an interpreter

       Explain who speaks and also who understands English. Discretion
       and confidentiality


       A very important topic. To whom should you complain and how.

How to thank your doctor

       Write a letter, avoid most presents except a plant or flowers for their office etc.

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