Dr Liza Macdonald FRCR MA

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The Author

  Who is Liza MacDonald?

Liza MacDonald

About the author:
The author, a cancer specialist, now teaches communication skills to medical students and also has a long experience of medico-legal work. Previously, she specialised in the management of breast cancer, lymphomas and children's brain tumours at Guys and St Thomas and Kings College Hospitals London.

She is the author of a text book for young doctors on how to talk to patients in difficult situations. (Difficult Conversations in Medicine: published by Oxford University Press 2004)

See webpage www.dr-elisabeth-macdonald.co.uk

Dr Macdonald has a particular interest in doctor/patient communication.

Dr Macdonald has a Masters Degree (MA) from Kings College London (Strand) in Medical Law and Ethics. She is a former member of the Cromwell Hospital Ethics Committee x and is currently a member of The London Clinic Research Ethics Committee. She was previously an external tutor in the teaching of Medical Ethics at the Institute of Health Science, Oxford University.


Difficult Conversations in Medicine

Difficult Conversations in Medicine

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The book covers ethical and legal issues, planning difficult conversations, the patient's and doctor's perspectives, issues surrounding special groups such as children and the elderly.... Read More.

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